Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crazy Times in the Ulmer House

Okay, so I realize that I am way behing on blogging but things have been so busy around here that I havent had a chance to blog! But I know that the longer I wait the more there will be to blog about so the longer it will take to write the blog. So for times sake I'm just going to briefly tell you about things that have been going on but mostly this post is to show the pictures. lol
As I'm writing this I just realized that I havent even posted the pictures that I took of Rachel and the Miller grandkids from when I was down in Plant City for spring break. So I have put together a montage so you can look at them. I have them all up on facebook so if you are interested in looking at them all you can click the links below to look at them all!
So after things "settled" back down after the wedding,(I use that word very lightly seeing as how things are yet to get settled back down) I finally got a chance to hang out with my Apopka friends. It was great to finaly be able to chill with them after turning them down all those weekends because I was up in Plant City. (Disclaimer: For my Plant City crew, I love yall to death and I love every time I get to hang out with you! lol. But I gotta show some love to my Apopka crew some time! lol ) A group of us went ice skating and had a great time. :)
(Me, Mia and Kendra ice skating)
(Me and some random guy that I got a picture with. lol Just kidding. This is my best friend Alex. We have been through alot together over the year ever since 3rd grade. He is like my brother and I love him to death! )
So as some of you know, I have moved on up in the tech. world and I"m now a proud owner of a purple cell phone! I love it! It's so pretty! :) lol. So the picture below is from my cell phone. We were bored and just messing around at lunch and me and Aaron took a picture. He is such a goofball! :)

(Me and Aaron at lunch)

A few weeks back, my family as well as my best friend Alison went to Disney for the day. We had a blast spending the day together. Being with my sister and Forrest for the day made me realize how much I do really miss having her around to talk to. :( But I was glad that we got to catch up for the day.

(The family at the Magic Kingdom gate)

(Britt, Forrest, Me and Alison in front of the entrance to Magic Kingdom)

(Waiting on Britt and Forrest to get there)

(This would be me and my crazy brother-in-law after riding Splash Mountain)

(An attempt to take a picture of the picture that they took of us on Splash Mountain)

(On the Winnie Pooh ride. Oh man Forrest is such a dork! )

(Me and Forrest being ourselves. lol )

(I love my sister!)

(Me and Alison stopping to take a picture)
(Britt and Forrest)

(Britt and Forrest at the Speedway)

(Me and some weird girl that I call my friend driving on the Speedway lol)

(At the Country Bear Jamboree )

(Me and Alison being goofs as always lol)

(Me and Alison exhausted after an amazing day at Disney)
So last week in my Biology class, we got to dissect a shark! It was awesome! The average girl that would scream and would never even want to touch a dead shark much less cut it open. lol But whoever said I was the average girl? :) I didnt post the pictures of the shark after we cut him open because I know that not everybody would like to see the insides of a shark but if you are interested in seeing them let me know and I will gladly email them to you! :)

(Me and Bree holding up the shark before we cut it)
So in only a few shorts day, this girl will be 16! :) I cant wait! So of course you only turn 16 once so why not make it memorable. I'm having a Sweet 16 survivor themed party! It's going to be alot of fun and I get to see some of my really good friends who I havent seen in what seems like forever! :) So as soon as i get a chance I will post pictures from the party!


His Mercy Endureth Forever May 13, 2009 at 11:36 AM  

great photos! Glad to see you back! ha ha

Brittany May 14, 2009 at 9:41 AM  

I'm glad I got to see picures especially the shark one.

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend...especially Libby : )