Monday, January 5, 2009

Bringing in the New Year the Right Way

I have been so very blessed to have a group of church friends who I have taken on as my 2nd family or as we like to call ourselves "Borrowed Family" My family spent New Years this year in Plant City at Little Union. As much as I would love to post about every little detail from our trip, I'm not finding enough time to do that with finals this week :( So I figure the least I could do was put up the pictures for the non-facebookers of the world to see. :]

The Group just chilin' after playing some games

Me and Justin.

I love this picture of Abbey.

Just another random photography idea from the crazy mind of yours truly. :]

I love Abbey! She is so sweet!
Me and Kels.
While I was down there I also got the chance to take Joshua's pictures. Well a few of them. :]

These two were my favorite of them all.

They are raising him up right! :]

I edited these two and made them look pretty cool with black and white effects.

Me and Kelsey also went to Cowboys on Friday but unfortunately we didn't get any pictures there. Then we went to Strawberry Palace and met up with Justin for lunch and we all went back to Kelsey's house to hang out and see her cows. I had a great time and I can't wait to do it again really soon! :]

I did get a couple of shirts at Cowboys! That I absolutely love! :] So I figured I would take a picture of them for ya'll to see!
Well that is all I have time for now. Hopefully my next post will be longer. :]
Oh by the way,
Who are the National Champs Again?
Oh yeah that's right! The Gator Nation!
Go Gators!

Just a little shout out my one and only Borrowed Dad and Jim! We missed you at the meeting! It just wasnt the same with out ya'll! :]