Sunday, September 6, 2009

5 months ago

Its crazy to think that it has already been 5 months since my big sister got married to the love of her life. So this post is for you B and Forrest!


Before you start reading this you might want to get your tissues out. haha :) These past 5 months have made me realize that yeah we had our tough times together but that is what made us who we are today! I miss you so much! I love when I get to spend time with you whether in Plant City or at our house in Apopka. You have been by my side for 16 years and still to this very day are at my side when I need my shish! :) You have had a huge impact on my life in ways that I cant even begin to describe. You have always been the one that I looked up to as my sister, best friend as well as a sister in the church. I always love going back and looking at pictures of us over the past 16 years growing up.

From the day I was born, you were always wanting to make sure that I look my best :) aka My Fashion Advisor :)

We have always worn our colors with pride. :) Our daddy raised us up right!

You were the best big sister, always teaching me new "big girl" things.

I will always remember the time, that me and you got sent to our rooms because we were having just too good of a time together laughing. :)

I loved the days when I got to go to the same school as you. And of course you cant forget the wonderful first day of school pictures every year! I miss those now!

You were always filled with smiles and encouragement whenever I had a big accomplishment in my life.

The day you graduated was one of the biggest days of your lives. Thought you would never make it through! haha JK. You went through high school with the most positive outlook on life and you may not have realized it then but every move you made I was watching you because you were the person that I looked up to.

You were there for me when I need a big sister to make me look "pretty"

You were always willing to be my model for our many random afternoon photoshoots we had. :)

We got a little crazy some times! :) You were always keeping me laughing even when I wasnt in the best mood!

You have been so awesome in including me in all of your wedding stuff.

Thanks for giving me the best brother-in-law I could ever ask for!

I love you B! Thanks for being the best big sister!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my favorite brother-in-law, Forrest!

This post goes out to you man! Love you! Hope you have an awesome time turning 22 for the fourth time! haha. :) You are the best old man! hehe. Sorry you know I had to bro! lol
You are such a goof ball and are always making me crack up laughing at the crazy stuff you do.

You have become the brother that I never had. And thats for sure! ;)

Check back in a few days for a special post dedicated to Britt and Forrest! :)