Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Shower Before the Big Day

(Joshua is such a ham! I could eat him up!)
This will be my last post before the big day. These past couple of months have been so hectic around here but I wouldn't change that for a million dollars. :)

(Layne was Britt's helper for the shower. )

The pantry shower was this past weekend at Kerry and Matt's house. Sister Kerry, Kelly and Kimberly did an awesome job! Every thing was adorable, even down to the cupcakes with a strawberry on top that was covered in icing and looked like a dress.

(Me and Kelsey.)

We had an uninvited guest at the shower! There was some sort of snake that was outside of the house. Luckily Justin and Jeff were there to save the day and take care of it! They had way too much fun playing baseball with that poor thing! lol.

( This would be the snake being attacked by a Playmate plastic golf club. lol As you can see, we didn't take to well to the uninvited guest lol)

(Justin and Jeff taking care of the snake for us. While the girls stand at a safe distance well besides little miss adventure girl Brooke. haha.)

I think its safe to say that Britt and Forrest wont have to go shopping for at least the 1st month they are married because they got so much stuff for the pantry all in one day! :)

(I love his blue eyes!)

Later that day, the "crew" met up at the Varnums to watch Twilight. We had a great time hanging out, as we always do! It was such a nice day out so we went outside before dinner was ready and the boys threw the football around while we took pictures and just talked and had a good time. We ate some dinner then we watched Twilight.

(Me, Kelsey and Rach)

(Me and Kels goofin' off while the boys were playing football)

Disclaimer: Yes I realize that there are more pictures of Joshua on here than there are of Brittany! But I just couldnt resist! He is so stinking cute! :)

Well only 11 days until the Big Day! :) We have got a busy week ahead of us! We will be in Plant City the whole week so the next post on here will be in a few weeks when my sister is no longer Ms Brittany Ulmer but Ms Brittany Sumner! :)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its Always Better when we're together

This past weekend, the Ulmers spent yet another weekend in Plant City. When I say "yet another" I dont mean that in a bad way at all. I LOVE going to Plant City! It's my home away from home! I look forward to going there on the weekends and I absolutely positively cant wait till the week of my spring break when I am down there for the whole week for the wedding. :)
So anyways, Saturday morning my family went to Salem for their annual meeting and heard a wonderful sermon from Elder Brantley. I was glad to finally meet Elizabeth Brantley at the meeting. Then that afternoon we went over to Hebron for the shower. We had a great time there and they got alot of nice things. Saturday night a bunch of us met up on the Ice Sports Forum and went ice skating. We had a blast! As some of you may have heard we had a few falls and a minor cut on the finger but all in all we were laughing and having a good time the whole night.
After ice skating, the boys decided that they were still hungry because it was 9:30 at night and they hadnt eaten since lunch time haha. So we headed over to Red Lobster and hung out some more. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have such awesome friends who I can depend on.
The whole group after ice skating

Gotta love the many faces of Kelsey. lol

Me, Kelsey and Justin after ice skating. This a cute picture and ya gotta love the loser in the picture! :)

Me and Kelsey
Me and Elizabeth taking a break from ice skating for a picture

Me and Liz being dorks smashed up against the wall.
Next weekend is the Pantry shower at Sister Kerry's house. I love showers! :) Then "the crew" will probably wind up doing something that night. So as always expect pictures next week hopefully! :)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back In The Day - 6 of 6 Bethany Style

Well I was tagged by Kelly to do the 6 of 6. So here is what you are SUPPOSED to do.

You take the 6th folder in your pictures folder and then take the 6th picture in that folder. Post it and tell us all about it. Then you get to tag 6 people.
However being the OCD photographer that I am. I dont actually have a 6th picture for my 6th folder. I have folders inside folders inside folders and so on. I told Kelly this but she said that it was just an excuse and I should just post a random picture I like and tell about it. So here ya go Kelly! :) Not only am I going to post a picture but I'm going to up that and post several that all show the changes that have occured over the years to various friends and family of mine. :)

Over the years, both myself and Britt have changed so much. She always had a compassionate personality and was looking out for her "little shish"and keeping me out of trouble as she still is to this day. :) Where as we might have both changed our physical looks we have both remained the same little girls with a heart full of love for one another that we were years ago
when boys had "cooties" :)

I have known Alex since 3rd grade and throughout the years we have become best friends and are always here for each other. He is such a goof ball and is always making me laugh. These past 2 years, Alex has shot up and he went from being the same height as me to now where I feel so short when I'm next to him. lol :)

I have known Aimee since I was born and she has always been 2 houses down from me if I needed her. Now only a few years later, Aimee is a senior in high school and planning for the future and we are still the best of friends. She is like a sister to me.

Every time I see Little Miss Jolee she has taken one more step towards becoming a young lady. I wish that I could find and scan the picture of Jolee and Silas when Jolee was only a few weeks
old but I'm not sure where it is. :( She is full of personality and deffinitely her Silas's daughter. :)


Monday, March 9, 2009

Cheesin it Up

This past weekend I went out to Grandma's house and hung out with Morgan and Olivia and Greg. We had alot of fun and got some awesome pictures! :)

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the day! I love how the tire swing is like a frame for the picture.

I have always wanted to try out some pictures on an old car.

Morgan on the car.
She is so photogenic. :)

haha. I love this picture! Morgan is such a goof. I had no idea that she was making faces down there I just thought that she was sitting down there. :) It turned out adorable.

Me and Morgan again.

Morgan took this one of me and Olivia.

I told you she is photogenic! :)

Me and Morgan goofing off in the woods.

Me and Bear Rooster on the golf cart

This weekend we will be in Plant City for another shower. :) So as always I am going to try my best to keep the blog updated with all the wedding stuff coming up that way I dont fall behind and then wind up with an overload of posting after the wedding. :)


Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Girls Dream

Just wanted to do a quick post with some pictures. I have been able to sign out the schools yearbook Nikon D40 several times in the last little bit and I absolutely love it! I cant wait till I get enough money to buy my own Nikon D40. :)
This is one of my really good friends Alison. Before this year I have never had a friend who loves photography as much as I do, but now I can gladly say that I have found two people who are crazy about photography like me.
Me, Kayla and Alison (the photograph freak trio) went up to the school last night and cheered on our Blue Darters JV lacrosse team. We were freezing but we had alot of fun taking pictures and cracking up laughing :)

This girl is such a ham! :) She is so sweet and I love playing with her! This was after we rode her bike.

Here is a shot from the softball game that I went to. I love how the team huddling up is out of focus.

I went over to our neighbors house and sat with her for a little while and got caught up on all the latest. Mrs Helen and Mr Joe are quite possibly the sweetest people you will ever meet. So anyways back to the picture :) This is their dog Earney.

Since I last posted Brittany has gotten all 4 wisdom teeth taken out. That was not the best experience but Forrest was the best and was by her side before mom and dad could even get up to come help her. I love you Forrest and I know that you are going to be the best husband for my shish! :)
(Dont kill me for putting this picture up Britt! lol I love you!)
While looking for my old point and shoot camera in the laundry room, I found my dad's old camera that he used "back in the day" Its amazing to me to see how much tech. has advanced since my dad was just a young little guy. :)

With only 30 days till the wedding, things are getting crazier and crazier each day around the Ulmer house. With each passing day I get more and more excited about being able to share this special day with my one and only shish and the best brother-in-law in the world Forrest! :)