Friday, August 14, 2009

A week of amazing family and friends

So a few weeks ago, I was able to finally spend a week in Plant City with my awesome sister and my even more awesome brother in law! Sorry B nothing against you its just ya know Forrest is my bro! ;) So anyways, I will give you a play by play of each day that I was done there.
On Monday, I went to Chuck-E-Cheese with Britt and the kids she nannies for and then after that I spent the rest of the day with my Borrowed Big Sister Kelly, and my man Jim and of course you cant forget my sweet baby boy Joshua! I had a great time! I enjoyed just hanging around the house and watching Joshua while Kelly got some stuff done. It's such an awesome experience to be a part of a baby's life and watch him grow. I remember when he couldn't even hold his head up by himself for pictures, and when he just got to where he could hold his bottle and now his crawling and eating solid food and clapping and the whole shabang! Where has the time gone! Joshua you arent supposed to grow up that fast! Your Aunt Beffie says you have to stay a baby you cant grow up and become a teenage that thinks they know everything! haha. ;) It was so great to talk to Kelly and have a great conversation about what I was going through. Our conversations really hit me hard and made me realize that maybe mom was right all along! hehe. ;) Sometimes all it takes is someone else to say what your momma has been saying all along for it to finally click and for that lightbulb in your head to cut on. :)
Me and my hero Barney :)

Bella is so cute!
I Love Joshua so much! He is my sweet baby! :) I'm proud to be his "aunt bethany"

So Monday night, a bunch of us met up at Pizza Hut for dinner and then headed over to go bowling. We had a great time even though the mean old manly lady.......person/thing kicked us out at 9 because there computers werent "working" Oh man I wont even try to begin to explain that one! haha.

Us after bowling. (kelly and sister suzy didnt get in the picture)

ahh! I love this picture! It looks cool!
On Tuesday, Kelsey and me took a tour of downtown Plant City and got some awesome pictures! I had so much fun just spending the day with my girl and catching up! She has been nothing short of a true friend ever since we became close. We are always cracking up laughing at each other and the stupid stuff we do. I love it when we can just look at each other and pretty much know what the other one is thinking. lol Here are some of my favorites from the day! Check out the link to my facebook at the bottom of the post, where you can view all of the pictures from the week!
Country girl.

Small Town Girl.

& Classy girl. :)

On Wednesday, I spent the day with my shish (aka my sister) and went to work with her. We took the kids to the Splash Zone that they have in Fishhawk! That place is so awesome! I always love hanging out with Brittany! It reminds me of old times and our shopping excursions! :) Dont cry B! haha :) I love you and miss you! I only wish that we lived closer to you or hey I wouldnt mind living 5 minutes from you! That would be great too! ;) The Splash Zone. Its awesome :)

On Thursday I hung out B again and went shopping with her and then that night I got a chance to hang out with Justin and Jared. I always have a good time when I am hanging out with them! They are like my brothers and I always know that they have my back! I didnt take any pictures that night. :-/

On Friday, well we didnt do much on Thursday I guess! We went out to the barn and got to see Delilah and I rode her. Brittany didnt want to get dirty so she decided to just watch! lol :) Some things never change! ;)
Me and Lexie. :) Me on Delilah :)
Here is the link to all of the pictures from my summer that I spent in the Plant City. Enjoy. :))
As for me I start school on Monday so i'm not sure how much blogging I will get done when school starts. We will have to see.