Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summertime at the Ulmers

So it has been forever since I posted. That means that this post will probably be long. I will try to give a quick summary of all of the happenings in the Ulmer House.
July 3rd was quite an eventful day in numerous ways. To begin with it was Mom's birthday so Grandpa took me and mom out to Gaylord Palms for the day to have lunch and walk around and take pictures. We got to the gaylord palms and was blown away by the amazing scenery and waterfalls. We ate lunch at a really nice buffet. It was amazing! Then while mom and grandpa sat at the table and talked I went around and took pictures of all the awesome stuff they have! It is such an awesome place to learn how to take pictures and work with angles and shadows! Later in the post you will see what I mean when I show some pictures of the day that me and Kayla went to Gaylord Palms and took pictures of each other.
So back to Mom's birthday! After I was done taking pictures I went back to get mom and grandpa so we could get some pictures of us together. As we went to take a picture the day took a sudden turn for the worse when my grandpa fell backwards and hit a rock and his defibulator shocked him back to life. Wow that was.......well i dont even know the words to describe what all emotions and thoughts were going through my head at that time! Long story short the ambulance came and took him to the hospital and he got some stitches and 2 days after he was back home to normal life going 90 mph. (I guess that's where I got my hard head from lol ) They always say that you want to make your birthday memorable well Mom can deffinitely say that she had a memorable birthday without a doubt! :)
I love this picture!

One of the numerous waterfalls.

Me helping Mom attempt to eat her ginormous birthday ice cream sundae deliciousness they brought her! lol

The birthday girl.
So the next day, we swung right back around and got ready for 4th of July and everybody coming over. We had a great time all together. As time goes on it gets harder and harder for everybody to get together except on holidays so its always good when it does happen. While we missed Forrest because he was working we did enjoy Brittany being able to come down for the day. I love spending any chance I get with Brittany! I miss her so much and when I'm away from her I dont even realize how much I miss her but when I'm with her it all comes flooding back and I realize just how much fun it is to be around her. I love you B! :)

I thought this was a cool picture of the fireworks that we were shooting off and then the bigger ones that the neighbors were shooting off in the background! :)
Anytime we are all together we always break out the Wii.
If you want entertainment just have Britt play somebody in boxing. you can count on Britt to give you a good laugh. She gets so into it! Those of you who have witnessed this can relate with me.
Jeff came over for 4th of July too! :)
The next weekend I went down to Plant City and got to spend some time with Brittany and mom shopping and I also got a chance to hang out with Kelsey! I love hanging out with her! She is such a great friend and sister! She never fails to make me smile! We went to The Pottery Patch and it was really fun! It was great to catch up with Kelsey but at the same time being doing something. :)

Here is my "masterpiece"

We had to get a picture of the two of us before the night was over of course :)

Okay so moving on the next event in the Ulmer house, me and Kayla (a good friend of mine that shares the passion for photography as me) went to Gaylord Palms for the day and learn so much. we took each others pictures and learned all about angles and shadows and all that photography mumbo-jumbo that makes the picture "pop"! :) So I have posted my favorites below but if you want to see all of them check out my album on facebook with all the pictures from that day. :)

We also took a weekend trip to Valdosta, Georgia to visit momma's family! I always love going up there! Its so relaxing just to sit out on the porch on the swing in the oh so wonderful Georgia heat! ;) We had a great time! Once again I wont bore you with all the details because I still have ALOT more to blog about! haha.

Yeah my crazy Aunt Cheryl.

Daddy holding Peyton. He didnt want to "break" her because she was so tiny! :)

Me and Trey.
We have always been pretty close growing up but i think as we get older we get closer and closer! I love messing around with him he is like my little brother!

Little Union's meeting was also recently. As always we had an awesome time up there! Ahh I could sit here and write out every detail that I can remember but if I were to do that this post would be EVEN more lengthy that what it already is. :( Check out the album if you want to see the pictures from the meeting. :)

Last week I went to Rock Springs with Kendra and Jeff and met up with a bunch of old friends that I went to elementary school with at my private school but hadnt seen in years. It was great to see them! We had alot of fun! This kid is crazy!

I love Kendra! She has been nothing short of the greatest friend and has been right next to me when i need her. :)

Me and Kendra.

This past week I spent down in Plant City! yay! :) I had an awesome time and it was a much needed visit! There is no greater feeling than to be able to freely talk to with brothers and sisters in the church about things you are going through in your life at the time. I have been blessed not only to have such an awesome church family at my home church, Little Zion, but also to have such a strong and amazing church family at Little Union. Special thanks to Kelly for your girl talks! You rock Borrowed Big Sister! :) Love you! There is so much that happened when i was done there so i will probably try to dedicate a whole post to the week later on. But for now here are the pictures from the week for you to look at. As if you didnt already have an overload of pictures from me to look at. ;)

Oh one more thing and I promise I will done! In the past few months Little Zion has been extremely blessed! Elder Mark Nunley is such a blessing to our church. You will not find a sweeter man than him. We have also had 3 new members at Little Zion. Please continue to keep Little Zion in your prayers as we continue to serve the Lord as well as the other central florida churches that are searching for a pastor. Also I know of numerous people who I love so much that are looking for jobs right now so please keep all those that are trying to support their family in your prayers as well.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nothing Like Primitive Baptist Singing in the South

A certain sister of mine, not naming any names lol, has told me that it has been forever since I have last blogged. So I'm blogging now to make my dearest sister happy! :) love you B!
Singing school was amazing!
End of story.
There is no other way to describe it! It is a week filled with singing, fellowship, and FOOD! :) lol. I had such an awesome time! I met so many new friends that I will keep in touch with until next year as well as caught up with old friends.
Let me tell you one thing, after a week at Harmony Highlands you may be completely exhausted that you could fall asleep at the drop of the hat and sleep for a solid 5 hours. But you also come away from the week with priceless memories, new friends, a full belly and you begin the countdown till next years singing school! :) If you have never been to a singing school I highly recommend you go to Harmony Highlands next year!

This isnt from singing school but we stopped in Valdosta, GA on the way up and visited with Mom's family some. :)

If there was a "Daddy of the Year" award to give out, Silas would be the one to get it. (well after my dad did. haha) He is so sweet with his little girl Jolee. She has her daddy wrapped around her finger. :)

I love this picture for some reason! We werent posed or anything! Anna just caught us off guard! :)

This is an awesome picture! That is all there is to it! :)

Me and Hannah being dorks! :)

Me and my sweetheart Jolee Bug! She is so adorable! I cant believe that I have watched her grow into the outgoing little girl she is!

Me and Anna.
I am so glad that I have gotten to know her. Over the past two years we have been able to become close friends and it was great to finally get to see her again after so long.
Friday afternoon, a bunch of the "big kids" had some time so we all sat down and talked with Brother Charles Kitchens about what it was like when he was in the war. He had some awesome stories to tell I wish we had more time to hear some more!

An attempt at getting a picture of the girls dorm

This would be typical Austin and Bethany! :)

It just wouldnt be right if I left Alabama without getting a picture of me and Jolee doing her "silly face". For those of you who dont know Silas, T and Jolee, Silas is a very proud daddy and loves teaching Jolee new things and this face is one of the numerous things that she does! :)

I'm so glad that I got to meet the Nelson family.

This was on Saturday morning! Me and Mary John realized that we had gone ALL week without one single picture so then we were forced to take a picture before I left. You know you are true friends when you dont care if you just woke up 30 mins ago, havent had a shower, and dont have any makeup on AND you still get a picture together! I love Mary John so much!

I am deffinitely making plans for next year!