Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dedicated to my One and Only Borrowed Dad

I have made a promise to the beloved Borrowed Dad. He told me this past weekend that he was very lonely on the blogger world because we haven't been posting. I was planning on posting the engagement pictures that I took of Britt and Forrest but she didn't want them to be on here until they have been shown at various events for the wedding. But my sister has posted the blooper pictures for ya'll to see.

This past weekend, we went down to Little Union for their meeting. We had a great time. On Friday night, my family went back to Forrest house where we were spending the night (Thanks man for letting us stay in your crib for the weekend!) then Justin and Isaac came over and brought RockBand. We had a alot of fun making fools of ourselves. :] Me and Papa Bear also found some time to shoot some darts on the dartboard. That has become a regular activity for us everytime we go down there. :]
On Saturday, we went to church for the morning service and then we stayed for the afternoon service which was the ordination service of two deacons. After service a lot of people went over to the Varnums and hung out and enjoyed some great fellowship and I'm thinking that there just might have been a Gator game on while we were over there. :] We had service Friday night and then after service once again we found some time to play some more RockBand with Justin, Jared and John. We tried so hard to get Papa Bear to play but he just really didn't want to show everybody up. :]

As some of you know, this April I will have the honor of taking senior pictures of Rachel. I'm so excited I absolutely can't wait. If all works out we will be able to get some awesome shots that really show off Rach's personality at the barn and around the horses. :] I'm also ecstatic about Joshua finally being here and hopefully being able to find a time to take some pictures of him and the proud parents. :]
In the past several months I have found myself developing a very special bond with the people at Little Union. I count them as my family or as we call each other "borrowed family". :] I'm really looking forward to the next little bit and hoping to enhance my photography skills.
Also I'm hoping that all goes well this weekend and that my friend (the one that is in the picture with me above this) will have 2 new baby horses. (I know that's prob. not the right technical term for them but that's what they are. Sorry if I offend any of you horse obsessed girls out there. aka Rach, Hannah and Sara. :]) Hopefully at some point I will be able to go over there at take pictures of them because that would be an awesome experience for me and would be so much fun to ride them well not the ones that were just born but the older ones. ha. :]
This Friday Apopka has it's first play-off game against Timber Creek. As always me and dad will be there cheering them on. :] I think that's about all for now. I will try to blog more for you BD. I'm telling you all the good stuff happens on Facebook. You just need to get Kelly, Kerry or Kimberly to help you set up an account and your name be Borrowed Dad. :] Man oh man let me tell you, you would be the coolest Dad, Poppa, Borrowed Dad and Borrowed Poppa out there. :]


Anonymous,  November 19, 2008 at 12:51 PM  

Dear Little Bit.
Whooo-hoooo, Finally. You made my day. Thanks for posting. I think you write as great as you take pictures. Your posts are always so intresting. First let me say that it was so good to see you guys last week end and as far as Little Union is concern you are our family. I'm glad you had fun, but I believe it's because you guys are fun to be around. By the way your engagement pictures (Bloopers) are great. The Pic's truly capture the happyness that is inside of the lovely couple. I can't imagin that the staged shots will reflect the love that they have for each other any more than these so called bloopers. Now as for Mr Joshua Aaron Spezzano, What a beautiful Baby. I know I might be considered a little bias, but....WOW is he ever a cute baby. I can't wait for your Photo Shoot with him and Kelly and Jim, and maybe one with Poppa & Joshua. Now as for being cool. I know it will surprise you to find this out but I do have a face book account. Cool or What? Or what is the answer. I was into face book before face book was even cool. Well I'm so ridiculously cool that I forgot my cool sign on and password. Kelly looked up the site for me and told me how to go about getting my password but I just had not done it. How was I to know that everyone would leave me alone in the blogging world. Well I'll think about it, but I just don't know if I can hang with the in crowd. I hope your Apopka (future Gators) win out. Thanks again for posting for your Borrowed Dad. I feel better now.