Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Major Update Time

Well lets see since the last time I posted so much has happened. I know I promised to post pictures of the engagement party but time has flown by since I have been off break and the things I need to post about has been piling up on me. So this is going to be a pretty lenghty post with alot of different events in it. :] So here I go!
Every year, my Uncle Kenny host a Christmas Brunch the Saturday before Christmas. We look forward to it every year. :] This year we got to meet Matt's crazy dog.
Matt trying to get Izzie to swim. :]
She loves the water but it was pretty cold. :]
Once she got in you could hardly get her out. haha

She loves splashing the water and making bubbles then trying to eat them. lol

Uncle Kenny feeding Izzie, Nova and Sugar on "the Magic Carpet"

This year we decided to open our present on Christmas Eve. Seeing as how we all knew what that present was before hand, we were ready to get our game on and start playing the Wii right when we sat down. :]

This would be my "Britt you are kiling me here with the suspense! Lets forget about the video camera and open it already!" face. :]

Finally the moment I have been waiting for!
Me and Forrest setting up the Wii.
We also had the gift exchange for the Ulmer family. This year we just drew names for the grandkids. We had alot of fun as we always do. We also introduced White Elephant into our get together this time.
My White Elephant I got. It was a Chia Shrek. :]

The really cute thing Grandma got. It has 7 polar bears and each one of them has one of the grandkids names on their stomach. :]

Brittany and Forrest got this door knocker that had an "S" engraved on it for their townhouse.
That was really cute. :]

I also got to take pictures of Landen who just turned one. He is so funny. I had alot of fun taking pictures of him and hanging out with Denise. Here are a few of my favorites for you to see. Denise I'm still editing some more but I just wanted to put these on to let you see some of them. :] I will let you know when the CD's are ready. :]

He is such a Big Boy!
We had to take this one because Denise is a gator and Steven is a Nole. :]
You will see below that Steven had a seminole shirt for him to wear but he doesn't have any Gator stuff to wear that fits him. So I knew that we had tons of Gator stuff so we came back to my house and took a few of him in Gator stuff in my yard. :] They turned out adorable.

haha. I love it.
Oh Man! This slide was a challenge for him. After going down head first (he was determined to do it even though Denise said not to) he just didn't seem to want to go down the slide again. haha.

He is such a Goof Ball!
Reading to Curious George.

Lovin' Curious George.
The Best of Both Worlds.
Landen and His Red Wagon.

Ridin' in the Wagon

That face cracks me up. :]]

My Christmas Break has seemed to fly by. Going into the break I had made all these plans to hang out with friends and go all these places, then before I knew it it's a couple days before New Years and none of the plans have been followed thru with. So Monday my friend Kendra came over and we hung out all day. I had a lot of fun with her. We took so many pictures.
Some how I always end up hanging from the tree. lol :]

Me and Kendra.
Kendra loves photography just like I do. So this is one that she took of me. I love it.

I love this one of my eye.
I knew that I had to get caught up on blogging now because if I didn't now I wouldn't be able to. Well tomorrow we are leaving to head up to Plant City for their New Years meeting. :] I can't wait to see Joshua and take his pictures! We have a lot planned in a short amount of time so there will deff. be a post about all of these events after we get back. :] Until then, I hope yall have a happy and safe New Year! :]


~sydney~ January 5, 2009 at 4:37 PM  

the black and white pic is def facebook profile pic material! ;)

Kelly Spezzano January 7, 2009 at 10:44 AM  

I love the wagon pics! Esp. the black & white with the bright red wagon!