Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Learn something new every day

So as most of you know my absense from the blogging and facebook world lately has been due to me being grounded or as my mom calls it "spending some quality time with Mom and Dad" haha. Truly that is what it has turned into. While I have been grounded and disconnected from the facebook and blogging world I have come to realize several things. I have enjoyed the time that I have been able to spend with my parents while I was grounded that I would normally spend on facebook talking to friends and seeing what everybody was up to. While our talks might not have dealt with anything substantial or noteworthy it was just the fact that me and mom got a chance to sit down and relax during the day and talk about the day's events and what's going on at school. Those short daily conversations have helped tremendously in the process of gaining trust and respect from them.
I have come to realize in the past couple of weeks that, despite the typical teenager's belief, my parents do know what they are talking because they were once 16 and wished for the world at their fingertips and know how it is. Although at times I may be frustrated with them about being grounded for the little stuff that "other" kids dont even get in trouble for I know that they are just looking out for me and they want the best for me. So Mom and Dad I'm sorry for times in the past and in the future when I have a 'tude with you because I dont think you are being "fair" and grounding me. :)
My parents have been so good to me. Yes I have been grounded but Mom has realized my honest effort to be better so she has begun to meet me half way on alot of things. I have finally reached the right path in school with grades, and with my friends. They have been awesome and so understanding about hanging out with my friends. I have realized that the more I talk with them and am up front and honest with them about what is going on with me and my friends the more I will be allowed to do with them and the more they trust me.

This year has been such an awesome year and I have realized ALOT of valued lessons. I have formed many friendships with people that share the same values and morals as me. I have come to understand the true meaning of a friendship. :)) Pictured above is me with the Childers (my "2nd family" ) I have become really close with the whole family and I know that Jeffrey has got my back if I ever need a "big brother" to stick up for me at school and Abby has been my little sister to have our girl talks and of course me and Aaron have become super tight at the football games! :)

One thing that I have always had a problem with is PATIENCE. I have never been a real patient person and its a constant battle for me. But as of late I have realized that you should never give up or settle something less than the best just because it might take a little effort on your part to get this thing. In the past I have just settled for what I can get and not what I really want. But what I have been settling for isnt exactly the best thing for me. But I'm proud to say that I have not settled for the "scum suckers" when there is a "sword fish" out in the sea waiting for me. :)) haha. Momma would be proud of me for using her analogy!

Me and Westlee :)

Below is a bunch of spirit week pictures from several months ago that I realized that have yet to post on the blog! Sorry! :( So here is a short version of all my pictures! haha. There is alot of event that I have simply left out because if I gave you a detailed story of every event that has happened since i last posted you would be reading for days! haha. Which I'm sure everybody has much better things to do with their life than sit here for hours on end and read my blog! haha. :)

All of us in Physics on Cowboy and Indian day

Cowboy and Indian Day with Jeffrey at lunch

Me, Westlee and Karlo on Cowboy and Indian Day

Sports Day

Me and My "brother" and "sister" on Sports Day :)
Pirates and Princess Day. Yess Jeffrey is wearing a crown! haha.
Cameron is crazy! Of course he would dress up as Cinderella on Pirates and Princess Day hahaha

Police, Firefighter and Doctor Day

Gotta love my football buddy Aaron! haha :)

Me and Karlo
We get a little crazy on CRAZY blue and white day! :)

haha Joe as The Blue and White Joker

Me and Katie! I love this girl! :)

Abby spent the night with me on Thursday night so we could get ready for Crazy Blue and White Day together. We had so much fun as you can see! :)
Me, Abby and Jeffrey!
Here are some random pictures from different stuff that has happened! :)
Me and Morgan at Grandma's house petting the horses!

Me and my sweet not so baby boy! :)

Me, Kels and Rach
The girls had a sleepover at the church at the meeting! We had a blast and of course loved attacking Gary with pillows haha. :)

Me and My Crazy White Girl.
loveher! :)

Just an update on my amazing school's football team! :) We are currently ranked #2 in the state and this Friday will be going into the 4th round of 6A playoffs! :) We are awesome I'm not gonna lie! I'm proud to say I'm a Blue Darter! This was the score board of last weeks game at Dr Phillips. This was after the FOURTH overtime! During the 5th overtime we scored again and intercepted the ball from DP and took the win! :)))) You better watch out we are going all the way to state! :)

Oh My Word! My Dad is pathetic! He spoils his "granddog" so much! I'm scared to see how spoiled grandkids will be when they are around their Papa Bear! haha. :)

We took Olivia to Build-A-Bear for his 2nd Birthday! I dont know who had more fun me or her! haha. I love that place! :)

We have been so blessed with such a wonderful pastor! Our church has grown so much in spirit and in numbers since Elder Nunley came to our church. (I'm not at all saying that he is the reason is growing dont get me wrong. :) I'm just saying that the Lord is using him to help Little Zion.) Elder Mark has some of the sweetest grandkids you will ever meet. They will just melt your heart! I love walking in the door at church and seeing their sweet innocent smiles as they come running up to you to give you a big huge hug! :)

Just a random picture of Ms Olivia that I love haha :)

Me, Westlee, Katie and Markus went PuttPutt and then back to my house to watch movies. We had a great time! :)

Well that's all for now! Until next time Love yall! And if I dont post before the holidays but I probably will Merry Christmas! :)


Brittany December 9, 2009 at 5:08 PM  

I have a lot of things to say to this blog!

1. Good to see you blogging!
2. Cute Spirit Days pics
4. Oh Papa Bear and our Lex : )
5. Liv has gotten SO big!
6. I see my shirts all over this blog!

Lil. Bit December 9, 2009 at 5:14 PM  

Heyy B! Yeah hopefully we are going all the way to state next saturday and yall could come down for it! :))) O has gotten big! oh man if you think she has gotten big you should see Paul-Paul! He is such a big boy now! haha. There is only one pic of me in your shirts which "technically" (yep there is your favorite word haha) are mine now bc you gave them to me! ;)

Beth Turner December 12, 2009 at 9:16 PM  

Give the Brother Mark and Sister Shirley a BIG HUG from Brian, Beth and Matthew Turner. Please tell them we love them very much!

His Mercy Endureth Forever December 31, 2009 at 9:08 AM  

Sorry, I missed this post way back when you wrote it. I'm trying to catch up on all my comments! First of all I want to know if your school ever has a day where you wear normal clothes? LOL! Love all the pictures! Can't wait to see you all this weekend at the New's Years Eve service!

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