Friday, March 7, 2008

Hooray Hoorah

The midterm hoopla is over! It's all smooth sailing from here. No tests, quizzes or papers until after Spring Break. I am thrilled to spend the week -a full 7 days semi- worry free!

Now that I've got a break, I can start on my fun "To Do's!"

1. Study Physiology and Microbiology poolside (not that it's fun but it HAS to be done)

2. Watch Chick Flicks

3. Dance around the House in my PJ's while eating Butter Pecan Icecream

4. Transform our kitchen into a bakery

5. Make my dear Mama wish I was in school (She just LOVES it when I am home with her)

6. Drift off to a Fairytale in South Georgia

I apologize for my less than uplifting tone in my last "List" post. I seemed to have lost my zest these past two weeks. Be not dismayed- I'm back in FULL FORCE! Perhaps if I had studied more and blogged less I could have been a little more on top of things. Nah, I shall continue procrastinating.