Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's hard to believe that a year has gone by

(I have posted pictures of the past weekend as well. So if you are looking for those just scroll down and you will find them.)
A Day in the Life of Bethany at Apopka High School
Well today was my last day of school. It's crazy to think that a year has come and gone since I have been in high school. It kind of uplifting yet in a way sad that 1/4 of my high school years has come and past already.
For 1st period I have my engineering magent class which is Intro to Info. Technology with Mrs. Kampe. I really liked this class because I learned a lot of new stuff about programs I can use for web site and all that jazz.

Me, Michelle and Mrs. Kampe

Me and Tuttle

Me and Michelle. We were the good kids that did work so we could have fun after we were done.

In 2nd period I have AP Human Geography. Mr Mellon is an awesome teacher. We work really hard for the whole year but after the AP Exam we just relax and watch movies. I have grown to be such close friends with alot of the people in this class.

Mooser eating popcorn

The 4 amigos

Mr. Mellon

The Class

Aww! I'm going to miss this crazy kid named Karlo!

Me and Mooser.

Karlo wearing Mooser's pink jacket.

Well if you notice I"m missing 3rd period and that is because I really am not that close to alot of people in that class becuase it's Spanish with Mr. Moss. I have a couple people who I"m close to in there but I already have pictures of them in other places so yea. There is Mason but it was exam day and it was way too hot in that class to take pictures. lol.

So Now is my 4th period which is Mrs. Anderson's Geometry class. I love Mrs. A. She is such an awesome teacher. We had a blast in her class this year which you could probably tell from previous post from Pi Day and Kite Day.

Savannah with her drawing on the wall.

Our school is getting demolished so she let us write on her wall. It was covered with writing and not only just the walls but the floor too.

Me and Shelby

haha. A-Catt is crazy.

My Oh My now for Lunch. We have some pretty crazy lunches. But we have a blast.

Mikey and his peanut butter honey mustard sandwich. Yea I know Yuck!

Me and Mikey

This is what lunch is like everyday. We are constantly having to guard our food to make sure nobody steals it. lol

Alright he got his food burglar under control now for a picture. Which is blurry but hey life isn't perfect.

Yea those would be the lunch stealing culprits. lol

5th period English Class with The Haff.

I have made so many close friends in this class. We have fun in class and Mr. Haffner is an awesome teacher. I am constantly laughing at Jordan being retarded or The Haff try to be gangster or telling kids to stop kissing behind his portable.

Me and Jordie-Poo :) This kid cracks me up.
Jabari! He is such a cool kid. He is my buddy. Today he came up to me and gave me a hug and was like Bethany I'm going to miss you! He is by far the sweetest funniest kid. :)
Me and Mr. Haffner. Right before the picture was taken he was saying oh wait let me get my good side! :)

6th period I have Chemistry with Mrs. Soto. This class is fun with labs I just don't like everything else. lol.

Me and Steph
Jeff, Kyle and Wade
Me , Steph and Elise.
Now this last part isn't in my every day life at school. But we decided to go to Taco Bell today because we got out at 11:30.

Me and Josh aka J-Smooth

McMikey and McBeth. lol

That is my new nickname from him.

What time is it?


(for all you High School Musical fans out there lol)