Monday, June 9, 2008

You and Me = Trouble Times Three

It's plain and simple- we, the ULMER'S, have issues! We ventured out Friday afternoon to Cairo, Georgia for Tired Creek's Meeting. I love road trips with my hip and happenin' Papa Bear. Bless his heart, he listened to our own rendition of karaoke ALL the way up! (Blue Suede Shoes, Jailhouse Rock, Country Road, and a few more of the gangsta persuasion)

We made a routine stop for gas at a station in Thomasville and attempted to start the car and failed miserably! Yes, that is correct 30 minutes away from the church my car dies (temporarily -of course). After a portion of the family laughed hilariously, a very sweet man helped us. He worked at the shop next door, checked our battery and diagnosed it as a DEAD SHORT. Within the hour, Zorro (my beloved Santa Fe) was bandaged and healed. With the Lord as our pilot we made it to church that evening only a few minutes late.

Daddy Overseeing the Mechanic

Bethany stopping for a photo op...SURPRISE, SURPRISE!

The weekend in Cairo was a much needed distraction from our every day affairs. I'm glad I went and appreciate the warmth felt by our dear brothers and sisters in Christ! While away from my beloved Florida, we also got to visit with our family in Valdosta. (Stay tuned for details in Bethany's post)

Here's a quick shout out to Aunt Charlotte, the most fly G Mama around, Thanks for our session! It was like medicine for the soul...Amoxicillin for Strep Throat.

Classic Bonding

On the Way Home

Want to go on a trip where you get a new battery, replace 2 tires and do everything you would NOT imagine? Join us! We are booking reservations for our next adventure at this very moment. Hurry, space is limited : )


Amanda June 10, 2008 at 9:13 PM  

HAHA! Y'all were like the 4 stooges all weekend! It was all so pitiful and I hate y'all had to go through all that but we were so glad to see y'all. Thanks for all the help with the twins!!! Please keep us updated on your next adventure!

Anonymous,  June 10, 2008 at 10:16 PM  

haha! i can't believe that happened! wat luck! brittany text me the whole way and i couldn't BELIEVE that happened so close to church! i was gonna ask about coming along the next adventure...but i dont know now!:) i miss you guys! keep up the blogging! i have high speed and am FREAKIN OUT that i can actually comment without waiting an hour! love u!