Monday, October 6, 2008

The Lord has been so good to me

As most of you know a couple weekends ago, I went to Tampa to take pictures of my 2nd family (Kelly and Jim). We had an awesome time and I am so glad to have people like them in my life. Joshua is going to have some pretty "fly" parents. (for those of you who don't know what fly means maybe that can be momma's next word of the day :] haha.)
We had a few set backs before we go to the park to take pictures. Such as my shoe conveniently breaking while eating at Subway so we had to go to the Dollar Store next door and buy me some shoes. lol But hey I did get some pretty sweet shoes out of the deal and cheap too. :]
We got to the park and right away Abbey and Brady wanted to go the park and play so we did that for a little bit. Then we headed on over to the actual garden part of the place. It was so beautiful. We got some really awesome shots that day. I learned so much from this experience seeing as how it was first pregnancy photoshoot as well as my first actual photoshoot of kids. Boy was that interesting. I learned that every other picture has got to be a silly one. But hey that's ok everyone has got to a little silly. I think the kids (partically Brady) get that trait from their dad. :] But that's just a guess! ha.
After we got done with the photoshoot, we went back to Kelly's house and took a couple of pictures in the baby's room. Then before we knew it was time for me to get ready and go with Kimberly to the church to help her "set up" for the shower. When I say "set up" I mean hold Lindsey. :] The shower was really good and there was some really awesome stuff there. It was a great time of fellowship.
Saturday night, we went back to the Sumners house to spend the night. We had a really good time. Thanks so much to the Sumners for letting me stay at your house for the night. :] Of course we watched a little football. :] The next morning we got up and went to Hebron. I often take forgranted the many friends that I have made at various church meetings. I'm so thankful to have these people in my life. My friends at school always ask me what my plans are for the weekend and for a while there my answer to them every time was I'm going to a church meeting. They always ask me Don't you get tired of traveling every weekend just for church? I tell them I love it and it's the life! I wouldn't have it any other way. If it wasn't for those countless weekends on the road I wouldn't have the friends I do today that I can count on and many of whom I consider family.
I could post all of the pictures onto Blogger so I just made a montage instead. However if you want to see all the pictures or want to see them bigger just click the following links in order to view them from my facebook album.
Now on to the adventure of this past weekend. Forrest came down on Friday night and the 5 of us went to Apopka's football game against Edgewater. We really had a good time. We won of course. :] Although during the first half we were getting a little worried about it because Apopka wasn't playing their best but then amazingly after half time and after Coach's "talk" in the locker room we came back out and ended the night with a win. (A close win but still a win haha)
On Saturday, me, Britt and Forrest went up to watch the Gator game at Gators. We had a really good time. Then we came back to the house and Forrest and Britt had a little jam out session which Britt previously blogged about. That night we went out to eat at Cracker Barrell with the family.
On Sunday morning we got a call from my aunt saying that Granny was in the hospital so mom and dad went up to the hospital to go visit her. Me, Britt and Forrest then went up to Winter Garden PBC for church. It is always great to visit with old friends. Please keep Granny in your prayers while she undergoes more testing in the hospital.

Please be in prayer for my friend who is going through a really tough time right now. Every day I just tell her that the Lord truly blessed her to not be at the dance studio at the time that this horrible thing happened. We truly have to be careful about the people we are around not only our friends but just teachers or instructors that we have. You never know if they can take advantage of you and make you lose something so precious that you can never get back. It has really opened her eyes as well as mine to the fact that it can happen to anyone of us.


Kelly Spezzano October 8, 2008 at 2:49 AM  

Wow- I am tired for you after reading this post! Busy Busy Busy! I loved your pics from Winter Garden (and of course from our time together too!) The video montage is great! Just out of curiosity what made you pick Amazing Grace as the song? It was very touching and brought tears to my eyes!

Lil. Bit October 8, 2008 at 3:26 PM  

Umm..I was just looking through the songs that I could choose from! Well I'm glad you liked it!

Anonymous,  December 17, 2008 at 4:16 PM  

MARY............. hey this is anna porter.......... in case you knew another anna

Anonymous,  December 23, 2008 at 1:55 PM  

were ya`ll in a bathrrom?? ........
.......... wierd... public or yours bethany

Lil. Bit December 23, 2008 at 2:28 PM  

haha. Anna you crack me up girl! We were in the church bathroom! :]