Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank You Lord for my New Brother-To-Be!

Brittany Nicole Ulmer,
It seems like just yesterday that me and you were little tykes in the bath tub just a giggling and having the time of our lives. My how times have changed, while we are still giggling and having the time of our lives the subject of the excitement has changed dramatically. It’s hard to believe that my shish is getting married soon and will be out of the house. I’m not sure if reality has fully sunk in yet as far as the fact that I will be losing my “full time fashion advisor” but I will also be gaining one super fly brother-in-law. I couldn’t ask for a better brother-in-law than Forrest. You are more than just my sister you are my best friend. I know at times we would fight but when it comes down to it I’m really going to miss fighting with you or maybe just having the ability to. :] You mean the world to me and I know that you will always be there for me even though you are going to be married. You better expect at least one visit each month from me. :] My life wouldn’t be the same without you and I’d be lost without the little stupid and corny things you do to me every day. You are such a huge role model in my life. I have learned from your success as well as your failures. :] We have had so many priceless “you just had to be there” memories in the 15 years of my life. From the first few breaths that God blessed me to take to the many car rides with the windows rolled down singing at the top of our lung going down the highway, you have always been the best sister a person could ever ask for. I will forever hold these memories close to my heart. I look forward to many more memories together as we welcome Forrest into our family. I love the both of you and thank you for giving me the brother I’ve
never had.

A Little Shout-Out to Forrest,
Thank you for being the best big brother! I’m so happy to have you joining our family!