Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Going to the Chapel Part 1

This past week was such a blessed week. Every day was filled with lasting memories with people that I love so much!
So this is part 1 of my Spring break and some little thing that happened on Saturday. ;) Hm...I cant seem to recall what happened off the top of my head but I'm thinking that my sister got married! lol. :)
My spring break started out with Mikey's birthday party! It was alot of fun and it was great to finally hang out with everybody again.

(Me and Jordan getting ready to play ManHunt)

Me and Mom drove down to Plant City on Monday morning and met up with Rach and Hannah. We went out to the barn and had a great time taking pictures! I left my flash drive that has the pictures that we took at the barn at the townhouse in Fishhawk so i dont have the pictures to post on here right now but I will post them next week when I get my flash drive back! :)
Monday night a bunch of us met up at Dusty's baseball game. That was alot of fun to get together and hang out for a little while. After the game, we went up to Beef o Bradys and got some dinner. As always we were laughing the whole night and made lasting memories.

(Me and Justin at Beefs)

On Tuesday I went over to Kerry's house and got a chance to take pictures of the Miller grandkids (aka Abbey, Brady, Lindsey, Brooke and Joshua). That was such a great learning experience for me. Once again, the pictures I took of the kids are on my flash drive so I will post them later on next week. After we got done with pictures, me and Kelly and Joshua went back to her house and I watched Joshua so Kelly could get some stuff done around the house. Then we headed back over to the church and helped Mom and Britt set up for the wedding.

(Mom and Kelly working on the screen)

(Britt and Sister Beverly setting up the tables)

(Mom and Aunt Becky working on the candlelabras...or however you spell it lol)

(Becca working on setting up some tables)

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were filled with setting up the church for the most part. We had so much help and were so blessed to have such great church family and friends that jumped at the chance to help with the wedding.

(Rach fixing up some candy dishes)

(The cute Hershey kisses roses that Sister Phillips was so thoughtful to make for the reception. What a cute idea. )

Thursday night was the bachelor/bachelorette party. Britt and Forrest came up with the idea of going to play laser tag! It was a hit and we had a blast! It's so funny to compare the competitiveness of the girls vs the guys. :) FYI 1 hour is plenty time to play laser tag, in fact after an hour you will be so worn out that you will find yourself dragging your feet. After laser tag, a bunch of us went up to the Cheesecake Factory and ate! It was so good!

(Above and Below are pictures of everybody at the Cheesecake Factory after playing Laser tag)

On Friday, the Ulmer girls went and got their nails done. That night we went to the rehearsal dinner. Man oh man was that rehearsal long! But we had a blast! :)Then Saturday was the big day! But I will have a whole separate post for later this week about the events of Friday and Saturday! I'm trying to get all the pictures from people who took pictures for us so I can post the best ones! :)


anna April 8, 2009 at 7:10 PM  

wow......did you sort of a relaxed feeling friday night...(your probably thinking heck no) ....we were like that...we just laid in bed and thought that in less than 24 hours our sister would not be "ours" and ..... well you get the picture... :D

sweet tooth April 10, 2009 at 2:33 PM  

Looks like you had a lot of fun! for spring brake. I really want to see pictures of the wedding do you know where I can go to see some?