Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

So I have finally gotten a chance to post the wedding pictures.

Just wanted to thank everybody who helped out to make the big day possible. We were so blessed to have so many friends who were willing to help out in any way possible. Special thanks to Kerry, Sister Beverly, Kelly, Kenndall and Aunt Becky and the girls for helping set up everything.

The rehearsal dinner was Friday night. There were so many people there and we had a great time! The acutal rehearsal went well too. But I pretty sure that the reason you are reading this blog isnt to hear about the rehearsal dinner. lol.

So I will get to the reason that at least 5 people have been checking our blog at least once a day since the wedding. :)

The wedding was so beautiful. It was such a special day for myself as well as the many people who were blessed to know Britt and Forrest and know that the love they share is the most precious love on earth. Over the months of their engagement I had grown to love Forrest not only as a brother-in-law but as a best friend who has always got my back!

The day started off with all the girls getting ready over at the townhouse. Jesse came over and did Britt's hair and makeup and all the girls spread out in the living room and did each others hair and make-up. We had a blast getting ready just us girls oh well and Papa Bear! :)

We headed over to the church after we were all ready and put on our dresses and got ready for pictures. While the groomsmen took their pictures, I took Little Miss Allie (the flower girl) into the church to help her "practice". She was so precious! Once she got to the front of the church and had no more flowers she would look at me and say "just one more time". I got a laugh out of her one time when she got 3/4 of the way down the aisle and she went to reach for some more flowers and there weren't anymore. Her facial expression was the most adorable thing ever. She just looked at her basket then back and me and had this look of shock on her face. It was so stinking cute! :)

By that time, it was getting closer to when people would be getting there for the wedding so we had to go back to the cry room and wait until the wedding started. Most of you know me pretty well (some maybe a little too well lol) so you know that I'm not the type of person to be content with staying in one room and not being able to know what is going on outside (some may call this nosy but I like to call it highly interested in the lives of our people. lol) So anyways to be confined to the cry room for over a half hour was pure TORTURE for me to say the least. lol. But we were very creative about ways to past the time, such as playing games, eating Cheerios (thanks to the genius mind of Morgan for thinking ahead! lol ), and listening to Allie sing "Joy to the world". I have included the video that we took of the girls in the cry room before the ceremony and Allie singing. It's so sweet!

Sister Kerry Johnson gave us the to ahead to get ready to walk down the aisle. All of the sudden, a wave of nervousness and at the same time excitement rushed over me that my sister is getting married! I seriously think that the bridesmaids were more nervous than Brittany was. :) The wedding was great! It was such a sweet ceremony and several times I found myself starting to lose it but then I regained my composure and kept my eyes on Elder Tommy Green because I knew if I looked at Forrest and Britt for more than a second I would lose it again! lol. Before I knew it, me and Adam were walking down the aisle and the ceremony was over. It went by way too incredibly fast!

After the ceremony was over the photographer, Steve Wilson, (which we highly recommend if anyone is in the Tampa area and looking for a photographer) did an excellent job of getting all the pictures taken.

Once all the pictures were down we went into the church and entered the reception and the bridal party was introduced by Silas Ford. He has been a family friend of ours for years and has watched both me and Britt grow up. I knew that it would be a task to get around to everybody that was at the reception and say hey but I didn't know it was going to be that BIG of a task. lol. So I'm sorry if I missed you at the wedding, I was not try to be rude I just simply didnt have nearly as much time as I would have liked to so that I could go around and talk to all of the people that I hadnt seen in forever! Then the thought came to me that I still had to do my toast to Britt and Forrest. I was so nervous about giving this toast. I had written my toast several months before the wedding that way I would have it down on paper. I made it through with only a few stumbles as I tried to recollect myself and hold back those tears of joy. Brittany however didnt manage to hold it together for my toast as well as Adam's toast. lol.

Once the reception was over, we had so many people stay and help pack up and clean the church. The process went by so much faster with the help of all our family and church family. After the church was cleaned, the young kids heading back to the Abernathies house to eat some pizza and some good ole PB fellowship. Since we were going to Little Union the next morning for church, I just stayed at the Aber's house that night so that mom and dad wouldnt have to drive back to pick me up that night. We had a great time just staying up talking and getting caught up.

( haha. Abel is such a cutie. )

(Me and Justin after jumping on the moon bounce.)

(Me and Jared hanging out at the Abers)


Ms. B April 23, 2009 at 8:54 PM  

You were the best maid of honor I could have asked for. Thank you for everything you have done, lil shish. I will never forget it. Your toast meant world to me and Forrest!

We love you.

Anonymous,  April 24, 2009 at 6:44 PM  

beautiful!!.. i liked her dress!! a lot!!!! anyway enough exclamation marks.. :D.. brittany looked twoderful(wonderful in inflationary language)

~sydney~ April 27, 2009 at 2:13 PM  

Thank you so much for posting! So sorry I missed it ;( Great photography skills btdub..! and the edits were great, too! Oh, and...Allie's expression in every phote! - priceless :)