Thursday, April 3, 2008

And I shall call it F.U.N.

Only 23 Days until I am 'Bama Bound. I'm just a little excited if you can't tell! :)
Here are some random pictures from my Spring Break.

Mikey and his "face" ha.

Josh wishing he could play guitar. lol. jk

Tori and WeirdCory

Mikey going Beast Mode on the Drums

Me and Tori in the Bathroom ha.

We gave Libby a bath the other day so of course me being the photography nerd or whatever you would call me automatically thought Picture time! :) When she looks at you she is just so stinkin' cute that it is hard to say no to her. She looks as if she is as innocent as can be but boy oh boy don't let that presh face of hers fool you. :)

Movie Night at the Ulmer's is tomorrow night. So as always pictures will follow in the next couple days.