Sunday, April 6, 2008

Movie Night

We had a great time on Friday night at the Ulmers! Every once in a while I will have a movie night and attempt to actually watch movies but that never happens we always wind up either playing a game or having a dance off.

While we were waiting for everybody to get there, who else shows up but Ms. Brittany (known by the blogger world as my sister) and three little munchkins also know as Ms M, Little Man Evan and Jacky. :) That was certainly a surprise but Britt didn't want to miss movie night and not see all my friends so she decided "hey I'm only a short walk from the house and the kids have energy! We will walk over there!" So they show up at our door and stay over for a little bit. They provided much entertainment for us through the night. So thanks Katie for lending us your kids for the night. They thought they were so cool hanging out with the big kids. Jack loved Libby and anytime he got he would give her a kiss. No not just a kiss an open mouth to mouth kiss with the dog. Oh yea it was funny! :) He was also very fascinated with my friend Jordan. We would often see him just staring at Jordan it was the cutest thing. :]Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of Jack kissing Libby.

Right away Evan wanted to do an art project so Britt got out paper and pencils for him and he wanted scissors but due to the past circumstances with Ms. M and her hair :) she decided that we don't "have" any scissors.

Me: (as Evan was looking and examining my dad intently) Evan who are you going to draw now?

Evan: That grey haired guy!

At this point everybody thought he said great hair but no indeed he said grey hair so we were all cracking up laughing at that.

Ms. M is the cutest thing. She wanted to see both mine and Britt's room. After going into Britt's room she quickly came out and asked me if I remembered when she watched Britt's fish. :] Then she went into my room and saw my necklaces and wanted all the girls to wear them and was pretty instant on that. I told her that they would wear them later and she said well Ok that is fine with me! Now that I have told you about the entertainment for the night. Let me tell you about what we had plans to do all along. Like I said earlier you would think that Oh a movie night what movie did you watch? OH no not at our movie nights, yes we have all intentions to watch movies when we start out but for some reason things never go that way.

Instead we went outside on the patio and played GameCube. After everybody went home well minus Tori, we just laid down and talked until about 2 in the morning and at that point we knew that we had to force ourselves to go to sleep because if not we wouldn't want to get up in the morning. Then we wouldn't have enough time to take pictures. Which boy oh boy did we get some cute ones, I uploaded them below so you will be able to see them.

Neither of us wanted to get a shower so we just decided to both wash our hair together. :] Notice the curious puppy looking over the side of the tub. That is the cutest part of the picture I think.


Katie April 9, 2008 at 10:31 PM  

HILARIOUS! Brittany emailed me and I popped on over here and was surprised to see my wee ones. :) I hope they behaved! Glad to know they entertained you- they're good for that, for sure!