Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And the saga continues...

Today was absolutely the best day! I made 3 shirts for Mikey, Jordan and Me. They loved their shirts as well as everyone else did. :] I only wish that I could have made more shirts for other people that said they would have worn a shirt! :]
I now have about 4 people who are passing out stickers for me. I found that today I would walk down the halls and people passing by would say Oh I'm voting for you Bethany! Now realize I have never even talked to these people before but because of my "staffers" they are voting for me now! So a special thanks to Ashley, Andrea, Mikey, Jordan and Michelle. I love you guys!
I will keep you updated on the latest and greatest news!
Until then, continue to keep the elections and the canditates in your prayers and that they might act in a way that God might have them to.