Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunshine & Smiles

Well a lot has happened since we last posted so i'm going to try to take this post to update everybody.

Rock Band at the Boys

A couple of Sundays ago, we went out to eat with the family at Reb Lobster for Rach farewell dinner. For those of you who didn't know she is now in Germany studying abroad so please keep her in your prayers. Then the cousins decided that we should go see a movie so we set out to go see a movie but all there was to see was Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E, which had both already started. We then set out for the dollar theatre down the street only to find out that all of the movies had started 30 mins to 1 hour ago and there wasn't another movie starting unti 10 or so that night. So that plan back fired so we decided to go back over to the boys house to play Rock Band. We had a blast. Let me know our family has some hidden talents in the music industry. Especially Mitchell! Man oh Man can he hit those high notes. lol.

Puppy's First Swim

During this past week, I was in the pool swimming around and realized that our puppy Libby has never been in the pool. So we brought her in and she is a pretty good swimmer unlike her sister, Betsy. Every time we get in the pool Betsy goes crazy, shown in the video below. She will bark and bark as if she wants in but then when you go to get her in she runs away from you. Here is the video of Betsy by the pool. If you haven't had your laugh for the day here it is.

While on the subject of our sweet puppies, Libby has recently become very fond of a chicken that makes a noise when you sling shot it across the room. It is the funniest thing. She is determined to get to that thing. It makes me laugh at the stuff she has done to try to get it down from Grandma's kitchen counter. lol

Hopefully, I will have another post coming up this week as well as maybe another video of Libby and the chicken. For those of you who will be down in Florida this weekend. Little Zion would love to have you come and fellowship with us at our special meeting with Elder Hugh Sanders.

(Syd- You don't know how bad I wish you could come! You will be missed this weekend girl!)


Dani July 8, 2008 at 11:34 AM  

I had six daushounds (sp?) growing up, and you know, I don't think we ever thought of putting them in the pool, but they did love playing in the ditch and the creek to the side of our house.

~sydney~ July 9, 2008 at 11:02 PM  

WOO-HOO! i got a shout out!!! haha I wish i could come to but you know me, i'm always so so busy! your fourth looked like it was a blast!!!! hope 2 c yall soon!