Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Tori!

This past Saturday was one of my best friends birthdays. So Tori had a birthday party on Monday that went on into today. On Monday night I went over and hung out with the girls and did some good ole planning as to what pranks we could do to Mikey while he was at band camp that night. Well we were still thinking when Mikey and Josh got home so we told them to go in the pool and swim. :] Long story short, they didn't buy it. So me and Ragan went out and swam with them while Tori and the rest put sparkles in his bed and all over his room, sprayed his room with old ladyish perfume and put a barbie doll head and sparkles inside his band case so he would open it up the next day at band camp and find it. :]

Preston is so cute! He wanted to go in the pool with us so bad!

Me and Preston. This is his surprised face.

Tori and Preston blowing out candles. Preston loves blowing out candles so we sang happy birthday to him too! :]

Me and Mere giving Zoey a bath in the sink. ha.

haha. No caption needed. Me and Tori jumping in the pool.

All of us jumping!